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After their parting, Rimbaud returned home to complete the work and published A Season in Hell. Rimbaud's first stay in London in September 1872 converted him from an imbiber of absinthe to a smoker of opium, and drinker of gin and beer. To every being, I felt, several other lives seemed due. Still, now is the eve. Francis Frith (English, 1822 - 1898), Getty Open Content Program, (Lettre à Paul Demeny: Charleville, 15 mai 1871). A Season in Hell (French: Une Saison en Enfer) is an extended poem in prose written and published in 1873 by French writer Arthur Rimbaud. Then I explained my magical sophisms with hallucinatory words! I managed to erase all human hope from my mind. – My envy of beggars, brigands, friends of Death, all sorts of backward ones. – I became ever hungrier for his kindness. I’m dying of lassitude. – But why regret an eternal sun, if we are engaged in discovering the divine light – far from races that die with the seasons. He would help to their feet the drunks in dark alleys. Since I can say the victory is won: the gnashing of teeth, the hissing of flames, the pestilential sighs are fading. Far from the village girls, birds and cattle. The weak-minded thinking about the first letter of the alphabet would soon rush into madness! Now, just lately, finding myself on the point of uttering the last croak, I thought of seeking the key to the old feast, where I might perhaps find my appetite again! Rate it * You Rated it * 0. Quick, quick, a moment: there, beyond the night, that future recompense, eternal...shall we escape them? During one of her lengthy hospitalizations in Switzerland, Zelda Fitzgerald translated Une Saison en Enfer. – I could not drink: I saw gold, weeping! Into the salons! If he were only less savage, we would be saved! Ah, forgiveness! Forgiveness, divine Lord, forgiveness! (FR) Une Saison en Enfer, introduzione di H. de Bouillane de Lacoste, Mercure de France, 1941 ( FR ) Oeuvres complètes , testo stabilito e annotato da Rolland … «Σηκώθηκα απ΄ το πιάνο και πλησιάζω τον καθρέφτη. I am so forsaken I could offer any divine image no matter what my urges towards perfection. Within the limits of man's fate, the poet's language is able to express his existence although it is not able to create it. When Rimbaud announced he planned to leave while they were staying in Brussels in July 1873, Verlaine fired two shots from his revolver, wounding Rimbaud once. Édouard Baldus (French, born Germany, 1813 - 1889), Getty Open Content Program. A man who wants to mutilate himself is truly damned, is he not? No need for self-sacrifice or divine love any more. None of the sophistries of madness – that madness they lock away – were forgotten by me: I could recite them all, I know the system. Once gained, heart and beauty are set aside: only cold disdain remains, the fodder of marriage, nowadays. Our ship towering in the motionless fog turns towards the port of poverty, the enormous city with a sky that’s flecked with fire and mud. I loved idiotic pictures, fanlights, stage scenes, mountebanks’ backcloths, inn-signs, popular prints; unfashionable literature, church Latin, erotic books with poor spelling, novels of grandmother’s day, fairy tales, little books for children, old operas, empty refrains, naïve rhythms. – Hell can’t touch pagans – There’s life yet! – I’ve known every son of good family! If the old imbeciles hadn’t discovered only the false significance of Self, we wouldn’t have to now sweep away those millions of skeletons which have been piling up the products of their one-eyed intellect since time immemorial, and claiming themselves to be their authors! La violence du … I’ve left souls for whom the pain of my departure increases! Not to carry my disgust and betrayals through the world. For what crime, what error, have I merited present weakness? The pagan blood returns! [3] The poem was by Rimbaud himself dated April through August 1873, but these are dates of completion. For other uses, see. He attacks me, spends hours making me ashamed of all in this world that has the power to touch me, indignant if I weep. For the body and the soul – the Eucharist – we’ve medicine and philosophy – old wives’ remedies and arrangements of popular songs. What an old maid I’m becoming, lacking the courage to love death! I, who called myself magus or angel, exempt from all morality, I’m returned to the soil, with a task to pursue, and wrinkled reality to embrace! The Gospel. If only I’d forerunners at some time or other in the history of France! It’s quite certain: it’s oracular, what I say. What a life! I can’t speak any more. I dreamt of crusades, unrecorded voyages of discovery, republics without histories, wars of suppressed religion, moral revolutions, movements of races and continents: I believed in every enchantment. Before several men I have spoken aloud in a moment of their other lives. At times, I forget the pitiful state into which I’ve fallen: he will make me strong, we shall travel, we’ll hunt in the deserts, sleep on the pavements of unknown towns, without cares or troubles. I’ll never work...” On several nights, his demon seized me; we rolled about, I wrestled him! Science! Make the city eats its own dust. & Marc D'Hooghe at Free Literature (Images generously made available by Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France.) She’ll never have done then, this ghoulish queen of millions of souls and corpses who will be judged! Let us hear the confession of a companion in hell: ‘O divine Spouse, my Lord, do not refuse the confession of the most sorrowful of your servants. I don’t ask for prayer; with your trust alone, I’ll be happy. I’ll hurl myself under the horses’ hooves! 10 talking about this. ‘Nothing’s in vain: on to Science, forward!’ Cries the modern Ecclesiastes, that’s to say The Whole World. One doesn’t go. They had begun a complicated homosexual relationship in spring 1872, and they quarreled frequently. I am no longer in the world – Theology is no joke, hell is certainly down below – and heaven above – Ecstasy, nightmare, slumber in a nest of flames. Autumn. It’s the tomb; I’m going to the worms, horror of horrors! At last, O happiness, O reason, I plucked from the sky the azure, which is of blackness, and I lived, a golden spark of natural light. Here I am on the Breton shore. Quick! Né à Charleville en 1854, Arthur Rimbaud rencontre en 1871 Verlaine auquel le lie une amitié passionnelle. Doubtless, debauchery is foolish; vice is foolish, rottenness must be thrown out. I know them all. Life flowers through work, an old truth: me, my life is too insubstantial, it flies off and drifts around far above the action that focus dear to the world. Not for you, the history of eastern peoples. – What if damnation is eternal! It is the only work that was published by Rimbaud himself. – I’ll never get my hand in. All the clever ones will think they can easily satisfy this demand: that’s not so! Though that’s scarcely appealing...dear soul...” Suddenly I saw myself, with him vanished, in the grip of vertigo, hurled into the most frightful darkness: death. The best is a good drunken sleep on the beach. No more sounds. jeudi 19 / dès 20h « Transparences et noire lumière » Proposition de Christian Humbert-Droz Avec Melina Duruz, Alessia Sacco, Nagi Gianni, Gerard Guillaumat, But I can be saved. Even down. Civil-servants – writers: author; creator, poet: that man has never existed! After subsequent threats of violence, Verlaine was arrested and incarcerated to two years hard labour. Reason is born in me. Poesies: Une saison en enfer, Illuminations (French) Paperback – January 1, 1958 by Rimbaud Arthur (Author) 4.5 out of 5 stars 15 ratings. What did I say about a friendly hand? The hand on the pen’s the same as the hand at the plough. ...My two sous of sense are spent! From that young Oise, what could I be drinking. Fire on the windows of splendid stores! He made me no better, even though he failed to kill me! Progress. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. No violent decisions on salvation. What hearts shall I break? You have chosen me from the shipwrecked: those who are left aren’t they my friends? The inferior race has spread everywhere – the people, as one says, reason: the nation and science. It’s the vision of numbers. I possess every talent! – He’d go about with the air of a little girl on the way to her catechism. Pride – the skin of my head dries up. That would be the French way, the path of honour! Earlier Zelda had learned French on her own, by buying a French dictionary and painstakingly reading Raymond Radiguet's Le bal du Comte d'Orgel. ...the devil’s in the belfry, at that hour. To fight? It’s the ratification of the catechism. – Thus, have I loved a pig. My last regrets flee. Am I wrong? In anger, Rimbaud burned his manuscripts and likely never wrote poetry again. I fell into a slumber for several days, and, waking, continued in saddest dream. – No more words. However, when his reputation was marred because of his actions with Verlaine, he received negative reviews and was snubbed by Parisian art and literary circles. J'ai avalé une fameuse gorgée de poison. Let us receive every influx of strength and true tenderness. My treasure, I’d like to be stained all over with blood. – At night, often, drunk, he lies in wait in the streets or houses, to frighten me to death. Let me describe the vision, the air of hell suffers no hymns! – This race is inspired by fever and cancer. 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That’s obvious to me: I witness the unfolding of my own thought: I watch it, I hear it: I make a stroke with the bow: the symphony begins in the depths, or springs with a bound onto the stage. I’ve my duty: I’ll be proud the way others are, in setting it aside. – What an age of hands! ... – What can I do? The clock of life has just stopped. In his soul it was as if I were in a palace, emptied so none as base as self can be seen: that’s it. They never bless others! Une table des matières dynamique permet d'accéder directement aux différentes sections. I made the wild beast’s silent leap to strangle every joy. I was ripe for death, and by a perilous road my weakness led me to the confines of the world and Cimmeria, land of shadows and whirlwinds. Saved. Do I know myself? I ended by treating my mental disorder as sacred. The hallucinations are innumerable. For Wallace Fowlie writing in the introduction to his 1966 University of Chicago (pub) translation, "the ultimate lesson" of this "complex"(p4) and "troublesome"(p5) text states that "poetry is one way by which life may be changed and renewed. Why a modern world, if they invent such poisons! My race never rose up except to pillage: like wolves round a beast they haven’t killed. He’d a wicked mother’s pity for little children. Après avoir publié en 1873 Une Saison en enfer, il rompt avec la littérature et avec l'Europe, vit quelque temps comme commerçant et trafiquant d'armes au Harar, revient en 1891 en France où il meurt à Marseille après amputation d'une jambe. That seems simple: a natural development takes place in every brain: so many egoists proclaim themselves authors: there are plenty of others who attribute their intellectual progress to themselves! [dubious – discuss]. I made him promise never to leave me. I’ve never been a Christian: I’m of the race that sings under torture: I don’t understand the law: I’ve no moral sense, I’m a brute: you’re wrong...’. – But, dear Satan, I beg you, an eye a little less inflamed! I am in mourning, I weep, I fear. Ah, to rise again to life! Une saison en enfer (1873), Nuit de l'enfer de Arthur Rimbaud Références de Arthur Rimbaud - Biographie de Arthur Rimbaud Plus sur cette citation >> Citation de Arthur Rimbaud (n° 93516) And where to find help? – And let us consider myself. The last innocence, and the last timidity. I was forced to travel, to distract myself from the enchantments thronging my brain. – Mind has authority: it wants me to be in the West. Nadar [Gaspard Félix Tournachon] (French, 1820 - 1910), Getty Open Content Program, (Une Saison en Enfer: Délires I: Vierge Folle, L’Époux Infernal). I say one must be a seer (voyant), make oneself a seer. Frivolous tastes have quit me. – The other can beat me for now! The Gospel! See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Later the delights of damnation will deepen. I am in the deepest abyss, and no longer know how to pray. The Spirit is near, why doesn’t Christ help me by granting my soul nobility and freedom? Misfortune was my god. A peasant! I’m weak! It’s obvious to me I’ve always belonged to an inferior race. But no friendly hand! Une saison en enfer (1873), Mauvais Sang. – ‘Priests, professors, masters, you’re wrong to hand me over to justice. No other soul would have had the strength – the strength of despair – to endure it – to be protected and loved by him! – Because he arrives at the unknown! From yellow gourds, far from my dear hut slinking? To find a language – for that matter, all words being ideas, the age of a universal language will come! As witness to his glory and reason. Besides, I could never imagine him with some other soul: one sees one’s own Angel, never another’s – I think. – Let’s take to the roads again, full of my vice, the vice that has thrust its roots of suffering into my side, since the age of reason – that rises to the sky, strikes me, knocks me down, drags me along.

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